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30 January 2012 @ 01:08 pm
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  • Sun, 22:11: I am listening to the Incredible String Band while reading a comic about wizards. I can almost feel my beard coming in. #Hobbitbotherer
  • Mon, 11:02: RT @johnnyeponymous: I've watched Shoah in a single sitting, and yet it only felt about 1/2 as long as Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon.
  • Mon, 11:07: RT @andrewducker: There is no child smacking ban. http://t.co/DhYtg9Yb
  • Mon, 11:11: Had a brilliant dream. A version of Sherlock, set in the near future. But with SF/Fantasy elements. It was very Dr Who-y.
  • Mon, 11:13: Also, Sherlock was a mate of mine, rather than CumberHolmes, and I was in he dream pretty much just taking the piss.
  • Mon, 11:18: My dream spanned two series, at the end of one Sherlock had adopted an orphan. The second was set in a future where the orphan was an adult.
  • Mon, 11:21: Also @pauljholden was in it.
  • Mon, 11:23: Anyway. That was my Sherlock dream; which has caused me to be right pissy since waking up as I was really enjoying it.
  • Mon, 11:28: @McKelvie @pauljholden where = were. I r gude at spelling.
  • Mon, 11:29: RT @thedavesherrill: I've noticed girls like to wear shirts that say "I Love Nerds" but never want to hear all 45 ways I would have impr ...