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Full of tits and innards

I believe it was Voltaire who said "well, then fuck them."

Captain Buggernuts
External Services:
  • cpt_buggernuts@livejournal.com
My artistic endeavours journal is to be found at sart_innit though there's currently nothing of much note there. My personal contact details are here.

Should you wish to buy me fabulous gifts. I have an Amazon wishlist

Cast list:
midlife_feynman - My filthy assistant (formerly quantumdoughnut).
Bovril Towers - where we live. Obviously.

and introducing
i_am_not_adric - formerly transparently obvious new guy without pseudonym.

Currently resident in Bristol, where I run the local SF/Fantasy group (Pub meets, first and third Thursday of the month. Hillsgrove Porter Stores) and produce fanzines with the rest of the Punchable Nun collective.

If I've friended you out of the blue then I quite likely already know you at least vaguely from elsewhere (reality, another forum, friends of friends), but my social skills aren't exactly winning any prizes so if you don't think you know me, and want me to explain myself, please ask or I won't think to.
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